A word "heh" I somehow missed on the course

In the weekly practice episode Listening North 1:23 at about 8’ in they say
Dwi yn heh. I can’t remember ever coming across (excuse English phonetics) the Welsh word "heh on the intro course. Can someone enlighten me please?

Sorry but I’m struggling to find what you mean. Is it the latest listening practice? Can anyone else help please?

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As Geraint says, this doesn’t ring any particular bells - is that the whole of the phrase?

I just listened to the current Listening North exercise (posted 19 September), but no luck here either.

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It’s not the latest. I have saved the sound files and the full file name that comes up is:
WelshC116ListeningNorth1-23.mp3. The times must be scrambled on my phone which I usually use. On the PC the time is at 3’20"

Ah right, sorry in that case, I can’t listen to it to try and hear what you mean. Anyone?

For it to be in the listening practice it must have been in one of the lessons, do you know which one? Not much help again, sorry.

That’s one of the listening exercises generated for the weekly/daily sessions for the old Courses - so extracted at random from the phrase database (which was how we did it back then).

Is it the whole of the phrase, or is there anything else in there with it?

Thanks Aran,
The whole phrase was (excuse English phonetic where I don’t know how to write the word):
Nac udoo dwi ddim yn myndi oopod achos dw y’n heh

That really looks like the sentence was somehow cut short.

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I’m really intrigued now but as Louis mentioned, perhaps it has been cut short.

“Nac ydw, dwi ddim yn mynd i wybod achos dwi’n …” hen? (old) maybe? I really don’t know, sorry.

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Thanks for looking.

Thanks for looking

My best guess here is that this is a slightly tongue-in-cheek ‘Nac ydw, dwi ddim yn mynd i wybod achos dwi’n hen’ - it’s the only thing I can see fitting, and I have a bad track record of poor jokes…:wink:

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Well, as they say, there’s nothing like a good joke so just to confirm what you inferred, that was nothing like a good joke. :joy: