A well-written and funny diary of learning Welsh

Everybody who’s doing a SaySomethinginWelsh course, or thinking about one, needs to have a look at this.

It is a superbly written, funny and entertaining diary of going through one of our courses:

And by week 2, Becki has already produced the best response I’ve seen to one of our course tasks:

Please share this to help encourage and inspire other new Welsh learners…:slight_smile:


Thanks for this Aran. However your “week 2” link is the same as “week 1”.

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Ugh. Sorry! :slight_smile:

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Loved those — thanks for sharing them, Aran! Must get back to my SSiW myself (I still haven’t made it past the first lesson of Level 1, but good to know there’s still hope yet :flushed: )…

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Oh my word, she is funny! By the time I got to the ostrich I was losing it, and then “tittle,” I was in tears laughing so hard! I haven’t finished yet, but I had to come back and say thank you for sharing! Confession: I slobbered on myself more than once learning to say “ll” hahahaha. Awesome. :drooling_face:


Wow! Thank you for the kind words, no one has ever called me funny! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, it’s made my day reading the interest it’s had and has been really motivational! And I’m so pleased to know I’m not the only one who has slobbered on themselves! :laughing: :slight_smile::drooling_face:


A very warm welcome to the forum, Becky! And diolch yn fawr for such an entertaining blog… :star: :star2:

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