A "trick" I'm using to help myself

I started Level 1, Lesson 3 yesterday and my brain was absolutely scrambled at the end. I had a hard time getting some words and phrases to stick and I’m refusing to look at the vocabulary or use the pause button like I did with lesson 1 and 2. I did the whole lesson in one sitting and didn’t feel like I could move to lesson 4 this morning so I started over on Lesson 3. I know it’s not advised and I don’t think I’ll have to in the future because of that trick I’m going to talk about in a second. [[I know I’m wordy, but I’m a details gal so I like to set up my story.]]

Here’s the real point…this morning I did 10 minutes only of Lesson 3. When I was done I STILL had a hard time remembering some of what I had just learned! The word that kept getting me was the Welsh word for “started.” It’s hard for me to pronounce, and I can’t picture how to spell it, which is something I’ve been using as an anchor. Sooooo… I got out an index card and wrote the new words/phrases in English that were taught in just that ten minutes. The card is on my desk next to my computer and when I happen to glance at it, I run through the words out loud in Welsh. Maybe I’ll do another ten minutes later today, I’m in no rush so if that’s all I can handle, I’m down with it. Has anyone else used this trick?


Nothing wrong with “wordy” or “details” in my book. I know exactly where you’re coming from.

Not exactly the way you did it, but I had similar thoughts.

For a while (this was with the old Courses), I typed up the English part of some of the lessons (no Welsh at all). I felt it was somehow helping me get a handle on the material, without “cheating” and writing down the Welsh.

However, your idea is better I think. (After a while, I got fed up of typing all the lessons, and stopped… :slight_smile: ). But perhaps I didn’t really need to by that stage, and there may come a time when you don’t need to do your trick.


Exactly @mikeellwood! I’m trying not to cheat by looking at the Welsh but I couldn’t get it to stay in my head. As an update, I’ve repeated the words and phrases several times today and I really think this might be a good way for me going forward. So fun!


I understand your feelings completely. I used a similar way of handling it. The problem is that I like to get things right before I move on and after 10-15 minutes of a lesson my brain has enough to absorb for one go. So I start again from the beginning and record the time I reach without any serious mistakes. (I allow for a few little ones.) Next time I start from that point and gradually I move it up until I reach the end of the lesson.
Maybe I just need more repetitions than other people and I have occasionally been criticised by other learners for wasting time and told that I should move on regardless; I’m not bothered, it matters more that I’m comfortable. Go with what is working for you and be prepared to adapt as you go along so that you make it a pleasant experience. We aren’t racing; everyone wins.


Lovely quote, and spot on…:slight_smile:

Bear in mind that this is utterly normal! You’re not expected to get everything, by a long shot - any time you’re getting anywhere near even 90% right, you should be on a tougher lesson…:wink:

The process of spaced repetition is a gradual process - you’re not mean to ‘learn’ something the first time you meet it, but to let it reach a certain level of familiarity - think ‘oh, yes, that word!’ when you hear it again - and then let it gradually rise up to the surface (of full control) via the revisiting…:slight_smile:

As for your trick - it’ll certainly do no damage - and if it makes you feel happier, that’s hugely important. As Mike says, you might find that you outgrow it in time, but as YorkshireEnd says, it’s not a race… :slight_smile:

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Okay. I’m hearing what you’re saying. I’d love to try it and just let it wash over but I have to say I also loved spending the day yesterday occasionally running through the words and phrases. Then I began to combine them with what I had already learned. It’s a struggle between wanting to do it as advised and not wanting to feel out of control…NOT my greatest strength. This is a great forum and a great course - thank you![quote=“yorkshireend, post:4, topic:8314”]
The problem is that I like to get things right before I move on

In the beginning I was focused on getting more “right” before I moved on, also. Then I read the recommendations that I don’t have to get to that 80% before I move to the next lesson, so I’m letting that go. For me, it was having so much confusion over one word that was tripping up the whole lesson and making my brain hurt. I honestly could not get it out of my mouth! So, of course, I had to FIX it.

Well, I’m off to finish up lesson three and then talk to my therapist about being such a control freak. :wink:


Argh, no, I think we might have crossed wires - extra stuff (as long as it doesn’t take your time away from the lessons!) is always great - and the habit of combining stuff and starting to play with your new language is probably one of the most important elements of all…:slight_smile: So go for it!.. :star: :star2:


Oh good! Hooray! I’m on it.

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