A small breakthrough- and a question

I’ve just finished level one. All through it I’ve had a big mental block with he said…etc I could not see how it was related to the word for to say. And I couldn’t find it in vocabulary list. Then I realised why. And I don’t know if it’s my hearing or understanding of pronunciation that’s floored.

I hear “vid-ov” , so did not connect it to ddudodd…I thought that dd was pronounced “th” , so the word would be th-id-oth? Now, cos I’ve worked it out, I’ll remember it from now on (yay) but I would like to know if my hearing is wrong, if my pronunciation is wrong, or if either way is correct and it’s an accent thing!

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don’t worry Vicky, it is an accent thing - the dd does sometimes sound like a v :slight_smile:


that dd is the sound in this and that not thing or thong! Does that help?
p.s. Da iawn for finishing Level 1!

So what I heard sounding like the English “villainy” could be something like “ddylwn i”.


Possibly just how it sounds on the recording?

Thanks all. I feel more confident now!

yes, more than likely - certainly if the context suggests ddylwn i = I should ! :slight_smile:

Yes, that was the context. Thanks!

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