A slight bother with using 'yn galed'

Good tidings,

I understand we aren’t meant to think too much about writing, grammar and so on while learning in this way, yet my reasons for learning Modern Welsh do necessitate the odd bit of such things. Hopefully it shan’t be minded if I ask this, therefore, as I’ve not been able to find an answer elsewhere.

I often see, for one, gweithio’n galed written rather than gweithio yn galed. Is it thus right for 'n to be written instead of the full yn after vowels? As I have indeed also seen the whole yn after vowels, I wondered if it may instead be a matter of dialect, a ‘contraction’ of sorts (I do not yet know how such things work in Welsh) that reflects how it would sound in speech, or something else.

Lastly, I apologise if this is spoken of in lessons and I’ve simply not got far enough yet!
Thank you kindly for your help.

Yes, it is :sunny:

And all questions are welcome (even grammar questions)! We’d rather you asked than that you felt stuck… :sunny:

You will see ‘yn’ being written in full after vowels sometimes - I’m not sure if that’s ever particularly ‘correct’ - @garethrking might be able to clear that up - but the contraction is definitely the norm :sunny:


I imagine all those things written with ’ “Mae’n” “'n galed” etc as if you’d in English shorten things as in “I’m”, “I’d” …

Oh, gee, I didn’t question so many things in Camraeg I probably should and did too many I probably shouldn’t.

I’ve noticed when I write on Clecs for example, I very often tend to shorten such things too for no reason and unconsciously, maybe even wrong way, who knows but it seams all can understand me or no one bothers to tell me it’s wrong way. :slight_smile: If others are satisfied, then I’m too. :slight_smile:


Ah, I thank you sir/ m’lady. That is most helpful.

Aye, that could well be the way of things!
I should imagine you’ve learnt rather a lot from times of speaking and writing to folk without asking too many questions, however; it is often my wont to instead wither away in a darkened room poring over technicalities.


Exactly right aran - and it all depends on what one means by ‘correct’, doesn’t it? Nobody would SAY gweithio yn galed unless they were being VERY fussy in their pronunciation, though of course one could hardly call it ‘wrong’ because that is what the contraction comes from. I think it’s a fairly safe rule: contract YN to 'N after vowels (unless of course it’s the preposition YN, which doesn’t contract).


Now that would make a lovely signature if we had signatures on this forum. In their absence, I may have to screenshot it and send it to my mother. It will become a familiar refrain for Catrin in the coming years; ‘well, Gareth King said I was exactly right’… :sunny: