A significant increase in the number of listeners to Radio Cymru

Google translate:
May 15, 2014 07:52, Last updated at 07:52
The latest figures show that there has been an increase of 3,000 in the number of people who listen to the radio.
The figure has increased to 143,000 from the previous quarter, according to research RAJAR, which means that 24,000 more listening compared to the same period last year.

Golwg link:

What it doesn’t say, presumably, is that every one of them is a SSiW learner :wink:

I’ve just checked last years figures and indeed there was on average 119,000 weekly listeners - The stations lowest ever figure. So is the increase, of about 20%, a positive sign…?

A link to Betsan Powys - the head of Radio Cymru - commenting on “Tommo”. The loose translation is mine:
"I want Radio Cymru to reach people in their homes who may be less fluent; less confident in Welsh. We hear people all the time saying: ’ I’m not going to participate in programs because my Welsh isn’t good enough’. "

I tried emailing Betsan Powys a while back, after her name came up in a similar context, and (politely!!!) suggested Radio Cymru might do a little more to make itself more Welsh-learner-friendly. The email didn’t bounce, so presumably got through, but I didn’t get an acknowledgement, still less a reply.

Hey ho.

I think Kev has a point. I’ve started listening online just about every day since beginning the course, particularly to Tommo’s program. I understand bits and pieces; hopefully that will increase with more study and practice. And if nothing else, it introduced me to music from Meic Stevens and Colorama, unquestionably a good thing.

Newyddion da. :slight_smile: