A request please, re Advanced material

I appreciate that it probably isn’t possible to do anything with all the material currently posted, but would it be possible to make the recordings louder in future please.
Everything I have tried so far has been far quieter than any of the new or old course material, and despite listening through headphones with the volume on max I am really struggling.




Just tagging Beca so it’s flagged up to her :slight_smile:

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Hi Rob, I’ve mentioned this to Beca, but I’ve just tried a couple of different files from the Advanced Content, and while they were slightly quieter than the Challenges, I only had to nudge the volume up a little on my phone to hear them very well.

I’ve tried another file on my laptop through the website and that comes through fine as well - I don’t have to use anything like full volume.

Do you have a different device you could try them on perhaps?


Shwmae Deborah,

I’m sorry but I cant get on with SSIW on a mobile phone, it has to be my laptop for me. I am listening through a decent pair of name brand headphones, and could cope with the new and old courses no problem but with the advanced I am using all my concentration trying to hear, which leaves nothing in reserve to try and understand what is being said.
Those with perfect hearing can always turn the volume down.

I have this problem too, so can understand completely Rob. I solved the problem by buying a speaker.

This is the one I bought which is bluetooth but I think most speakers have a variety of connection types, often with other connection lead types in the box.

You might even find a speaker which you could plug earphones into as well??

I just use this speaker which is quite loud and shut the door instead! :rofl:


Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker Upgraded Version with Stereo Sound, BassUp Technology, 24H Playtime, Built-in Mic, Portable Wireless Speaker for iPhone, Samsung

(It says iPhone but I don’t have one. However, it works very well with my Levono laptop.)

Diolch Ann,

That certainly looks to be a good option, and whilst looking for alternative suppliers (I refuse to have anything to do with Amazon) I also found an in-line amplifier which fits into the headphone cable and might suit me better.
That doesn’t answer the basic question though, why is the advanced course significantly quieter than the rest of SSI’s ouput?

Hi folks - sorry to hear you’re having trouble with levels. Out of interest, are you having equal troubles with my material (Beca a’i Phobl and the fiction strands) and with the material from Bethan Gwanas, Daniel Glyn and Luke Davies? I’m just trying to work out where the issue is. Many thanks.

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Hi @beca-brown
I have tried listening to a selection of files that I downloaded shortly after they appeared. I have tried a few BecaaiPhobl, a CaruParuGalaru, one from Bethan Gwanas, one from Luke Davies and one from Daniel Glyn. They all played back at about the same volume, though some of the BecaaiPhobl were not very clear, with a lot of background noise.

Next I tried listening to the same files online, and I can’t say that I found any difference. Some are a bit louder than others, but not enough to make me change the volume.

Then I tried a few challenges online. They were about the same as the slightly louder advanced material, but again I did not need to change the volume.

I am using a desktop PC with a pair of standalone speakers. The speaker volume control was just below half way. The volume control on the PC was set to 100%.


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Hi Sue, many thanks for the detail on this. It’s certainly true that some of the earlier pieces by myself are unclear due to background noise and a rather sub-standard mic (soon replaced!); but it’s interesting that the levels are low across all the pieces, which have obviously been recorded by different people on different pieces of kit.
@Kinetic - any thoughts?

Hi @beca-brown,
I would not say that the volume is particularly low. I always keep the setting on the computer at 100% and adjust the volume using the speakers. This setting is below half way as I said - on mark 4 out of 10. It is well within the range of other things that I listen to.