A new shiny look for the Spanish side of things

Thanks to superb design work from @jonthomas and superb implementation work from @Kinetic we now have a rather funky and lovely new look over on the Spanish side of things - go take a look and tell us what you think :sunny:

I think it would be lovely to have it on the Welsh side as well, once we’ve finished ironing out all the little details. What do you reckon?

Wwwwww! Nice job! I’m looking at the mobile browser version (Safari) on an iPhone. Clean and simple, which is very much “in” as far as design goes. I like it! Are there plans to this translate over to an app?

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There are noble volunteers labouring away over apps for the Spanish as we type - and they’ve put a lot of effort into trying to be clean and tidy - the work of making the apps look/feel seamless with the site will probably be an ongoing project for a fair while, though!..

Hooray! For noble volunteers. :tada:

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I was surprised to see the new look of the Spanish site. You never mentioned this or did you? It looks nice and clear and should be easy to handle but: I can’t see how to come to Level 2. Can you help me?

I don’t know where the button is to pick a course, but here’s a direct link

Thank you for the link.
I understand now how it works, really easy and clearly arranged.

We’ve got a little bit of fine tuning to do for existing members - at the moment, you need to go to any lesson page, click on ‘See all challenges’ and then you should see Level 2 in the pop-up. In due course, if we can figure out a way to do it, I’m hoping the ‘Challenges’ link at the top will take you straight to that pop-up - or failing that, to a static version of the same list… :sunny:

I love the redesign. It’s simple yet dramatic and it really helps convey the branding of the new “Levels” as a game.


If I do that I can see all challenges for the current level, but not an option to switch to another level

Thanks. Do you currently have access to Level 2?

@joanie :sunny: I’m currently head over heels in love with it. I think @jonthomas is a genius, and @Kinetic is brilliant for making all the code work :sunny:

Yes. I can go directly to the page. e.g. https://www.saysomethingin.com/spanish/level2/challenge15

(Although trying to go to challenge16 for level2 produces an error)

Diolch yn fawr, I’ll pass these on - a fix not made it to production yet, I’d guess. With luck the error will be squashable :sunny:

@theblacksparrow @aran Hey yes, I have the same problem.

The new look is nice, but I don’t really like the lightbox that opens when I want to choose other challenge.

Thanks - it’s on the list for today :sunny:

Sorry! :sunny:

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The new design is fantastic and it’s very notable that Level 2 is being generated at a rapid pace. Incredible work - well done and much appreciated.

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I really like this new design. It’s clear and simple but contains everything you need to know. I’ve only had a quick look, but navigated to the end of Level 2 - to see if I could. One thing I found was that the scroll bar when looking at All Challenges didn’t let me scroll all the way down. See pic below. That’s as far as I could drag the scroll down. This is using Windows 7 and Firefox.

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Really crisp and user friendly! love it! and can’t wait for the challenges of Level 2!

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Thanks for that, @Deborah-SSi - @kinetic - is this on the list? I’m also seeing some ‘not getting to the bottom of the page’ in admin, so maybe it’s a general style setting somewhere…

Ooh - no, it wasn’t on the list, but it is now. Thanks Dee!

Aran - I don’t think the admin thing is at all related (admin uses the old design, and the old/new designs are 100% disjoint as far as styles go), but thanks for reminding me, I’d forgotten about that! :slight_smile:

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