A "diolch" note

Helo pawb

I’ve now completed Course One (including the ten vocab units) and I’ll be using the “pause button” on my Welsh studies for a short while. I’ve enjoyed every moment of the course (with the possible exception of Lesson 25!!)

This is just a “diolch” note to Aran (as the brains and vision behind it all) and to the wonderfully friendly and helpful people on this Forum. And a special thanks to Mister Southern (aka Iestyn, so ably assisted by Cat) for his terrific presentation of the course. That friendly encouraging voice, with those bits of gentle humour thrown in, has helped to make it a really enjoyable learning experience.

For the next few months I need to concentrate on another (non language learning) project, but I’m keeping my Cymraeg bubbling away in the background…doing the daily listening and speaking exercises, holding inane one-way daily conversations with the hen gi, improving my vocabulary, listening to Radio Cymru…I’m not sure what my next stage will be once my current project is finished, but I can’t see myself staying away from this lovely language for long.

Pob lwc, pawb!


A pob lwc i ti gyda “project”. Dod nol yn fuan.


Llongyfarchiadau on a great accomplishment. Pob lwc with your future endeavors, Gavin! Hope to see you back on the forums sometime!


Pob lwc Gavin …and hurry back! I love reading your posts you are always so positive!

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Llongyfarchiadau. You can still hang out here even if you’re not actively doing exercises.


I do!!! Please do too!!!


Huge congratulations on this very significant achievement, Gavin, and thank you so much for your extremely kind words :star: :star2:

I hope it won’t be too long before we see you on the forum again :sunny: