A couple of Q's from the Level 1 courses

Bore da!

In challenge 19 (North, new course), why does the female voice always say dydd sadwrn while the male voice always says ddydd sadwrn?

I’m also getting confused with the following when referring to the past (ignore my spelling!). I don’t understand why or when to use the following when speaking about the past:

On i
Don i
Nes i



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Hi. The d sound is quite soft in the North. So that could be it unless it has been softened because of a previous word.
Nes i = I did or I made.
On I = I was
Don I = the same but the d is prob on their as part of the negative Don i ddim = I wasn’t.


You might also find the following short video by Nicky useful for sorting out the three basic past tenses in Welsh:


Probably in most cases just me being a bit more formally correct than Catrin, and her saying what she’d normally say in speech (which is a nice change, because she’s usually more likely to get overly formal when she’s recording)… :slight_smile:


Okay, thanks :slight_smile:

Grateful for any help with my question about the past tense, too!

John’s already given you that - o’n i/do’n i is positive/negative, for ‘I was’ - nes i (or wnes i) is closer to ‘I did’ - they’re not a perfect match to English (no languages match perfectly) so in broad terms we tend to say that you use ‘wnes i’ for things which happened at a particular time, and ‘o’n i’ for things which took some time to happen (but even that is a rule of thumb).

So ‘wnes i weld fy mrawd pan o’n i’n gwylio’r teledu’ - I saw my brother while I was watching the television. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone! For some reason I could only see Aran’s response yesterday. I’m still getting used to using the forum on this phone :slight_smile: