A call for collaboration?

My book isn’t very mainstream. It is kind of YA but with adult viewpoints and has all these embedded Welsh stories. I knew it would be hard to place. I had hoped a Welsh publisher would be interested. But they have to make ends meet. In the end, I got picked up by a small independent press who was willing to take the risk. But yes no advance. And no big marketing budget. Which means low sales and therefore minimal royalties. But even those published by bigger publishers face that. It is a hard industry. What was your book called?

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Sorry, I really am rubbish at this, aren’t I? Only just caught up with your question - the book is “The Thylacine Conspiracy” and the ‘The’ is crucial, other wise you’ll get an entirely different story altogether by Bill Cromer!

You are so right about publishing these days; not sure what the future of the written word holds for anyone - writer, publisher, reader or bookseller. Is copyright dead in the digital age? Probably, but then I’m more of a fossil than the Thylacine itself!

Best of luck with the book; there’s nothing quite like seeing your work in real, solid bindings.


I swing between excitement and terror, if I’m honest. But thanks for being excited for me.


Excitement and terror sounds just about right!

As an aside, a little while back I tried pitching The Thylacine Conspiracy to a few Welsh TV production companies (I’d seen a couple of articles lamenting the lack of available content, so I thought I’d try the folk behind Y Gwyll and Tri Deg Pimp Diwrnod etc to see if they might be interested). You know, an amusing “look I think it’s good, but I would say that wouldn’t I? - so why don’t you take a look” kind of thing. Tried a couple of follow ups, but a resounding silence was the total result, so I gave up.

The old fossil in me thinks not replying is just plain rude, but then my small bit of “modern-awareness” reckons they probably get a zillion pitches a day, so perhaps it’s just impossible to respond to them all. So, bottom line, Holywood will have to wait!

Really hope it all goes well for your book (and if you do make it to the Oscars one day, give us all a wave!).

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