A blog about me learning Welsh

Helo everyone

I’m pedwar weeks in now to my learning Cymraeg journey. I’m enjoying it, often frustrated and exhausted, but I’m improving which is keeping my morale up!

I’m writing a blog documenting my journey ‘in the pursuit of Welsh’. If you want to have a read or/and follow the blog here’s the link:- https://inthepursuitofwelsh.wordpress.com

Diolch yn fawr to @aran for the great free learning Welsh resource that is SSIW.

Ta ra for rwan



That looks like a great blog - thanks for sharing it, and good luck with your journey! If you keep going (and check in here any time you want some support and encouragement) you will get there… :slight_smile:

And great to hear that you’re managing to avoid the temptation to repeat sessions so far - the further you can go with that, the better - so sure, check yourself after you hit 5, but if you can keep on going until 10, or 15, all to the good…

One little thing - what I said about double speed - that should just have been talking about the listening exercises! So don’t worry about the actual lessons - while some will seem tougher and others less, getting used to them in the first place is probably the toughest bit - they do not keep on getting harder and harder, and in fact some people start to find them kind of soothingly familiar (as long as you don’t beat yourself up about the mistakes!).

Looking forward to seeing how this goes for you… :slight_smile:

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Diolch yn fawr Aran.

You have made up my mind to keep pushing on after challenge 5 :smiley:.

Ah I see (re double speed!), well that’s a relief! Although just realised I haven’t been doing the 5 minute listening each day, that passed me by somehow, so I will start doing that.

Diolch again for setting all the SSIW up, it’s a great resource.

Ta ra for now!



Good timing, actually, because the first one is for when you’ve finished Challenge 5… :slight_smile:

And thank you very much indeed for your very kind words! :star2:

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