A big hello from a new learner,

This is my message to say Hello to the entire community and a big warm thankyou to the “SaysomethinginWelsh” team. Hailing from sunny Brighton, It’s a pleasure and a joy to have the Welsh language material cheap and accessible for all and a method of learning that, I find, more natural than anything I’ve tried before.

I’m now on Course 1, lesson 6.1, enjoying my experience loads and look forward in future to meet up with any fellow Brighton learners,


Gareth Tipton

Croeso I forum Gareth - and pob lwc with the rest of course 1. Make sure you book yourself onto one of the excellent bootcamps next year; you’ll be amazed at what a massive boost to the learning process it is!

Shwmae Gareth. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy the rest of Course 1. Pob lwc. :slight_smile:

Ah, the infamous lessons 6. Don’t worry, it gets much easier after they’re finished. And I second the bootcamp recommendation. The confidence you get from going on one of those is a great help when it comes to speaking, and hearing as much Welsh as you do over the week makes listening and understanding much easier too.

Hi Gareth, welcome aboard. Chris is right, get through 6 and the rest are a breeze. Make sure to keep us posted on how you’re getting on - good or bad you’ll always find someone to cheer you on or support you with the tough bits

A very warm welcome to the forum, Gareth, and good luck with the Lessons 6 - survive them and you can survive anything…:wink:

Hi Gareth, just wanted to say Hi.

“and look forward in future to meet up with any fellow Brighton learners”

and of course, don’t forget Bootcamp too!!!

Andy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

… and look forward in future to meet up with any fellow Brighton learners,

There is also a very active group in the Brighton-ish area. Be sure to check that out; their get-togethers sound like a lot of fun!

Hi all, Diolch for the comments & support and I just finished lesson 6.2. phew , I am really happy with my progress even though my brain was numb by end of 6.1, That lesson was a challenge :smiley: . “Mae isie i fi / ti…& Oes isie i fi / ti…” are still tongue twisting for me when I hear them…especially at speed.
. I’m also soaking up Welsh radio & TV which is helping me reinforce the words I have learnt and understand which is really helping.

can’t wait for lesson 7 :smiley:


Good work that man. Survive the 6s and you can survive anything…:star:

Agree – the lessons six are a major milestone!

Hi Gareth,

I believe Rhiannon has already contacted you about the Sussex/Hampshire meetups. Please PM for address etc, in the meanwhile welcome to SSIW - possibly a life-changing experience. The link to the Sussex/Hants meetups is https://www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/forum/a5e5f45970b4d496?query=sussex

Hope to see you soon

Pob lwc


A belated Croeso, Gareth! Glad to hear you’re enjoying, and are through the qulaification process.

We like to screen our learners so that we only have to deal with people who are genuinmely going to be Welsh speakers. By getting through lessons 6, you’ve proved yourself. Welcome on board!

(Tongue in cheek, but the bit about getting through the test proves you have the neccessary ability/stickability/bloody mindedness is pretty much true!)

Enjoy the meet-ups!