A bee in my bonnet?

Oh, I like me a bit of old-fashioned as well, at times. What ho? But it only works if you know you’re doing it, I always think… :wink:

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@owainlurch, @sarapeacock - I totally agree. I totally see! Oh golly gosh, Oh gee wizz, Indeed to goodness look you… none of which I think I have ever said… but your points are perfect and I have learned a lesson! Hen does not = inability to learn!! Never try to find an equivalent to an English saying. Only use books to find what a saying yn Gymraeg means, To learn current sayings, listen to ordinary people and if they don’t say anything of that nature, that’s because it isn’t said! I will not expect this thread to continue past here, unless someone finds a saying and wants an idea of its meaning!
Thanks for your efforts @HowlsedhesServices, but enough said, I think.

So are you going to “knock it on the head?” :wink:

or carry on “talking the proverbial hind legs off the old donkey”.

Mae’n amser cwnnu cwt nawr, cyn yr hwn yn mynd i gwt y garthen. (Better scoot now, before this gets

*wel, dw i’n meddwl ond sai’n gwybod - and almost certainly corrupted a bit.