6-month Course: Listening to Welsh for 30 minutes

Well, Week 20 on the 6-Month course and for one of this week’s assignments we had to listen to Radio Cymru for 30 minutes: and then provide feedback -
I have actually been listening to the Radio Cymru pigion (highlights) for about 5 minutes nearly every day for several months now. But never had I tried 30 minutes. That would have killed me! But this course squeezes it out of you - no excuses and you have to work.
Well, I was surprised how much I understood. Not enough yet to understand everything that’s going on, but it feels a bit like a jigsaw puzzle that takes a long time to put together: gradually, more and more pieces start to fall into place and the picture starts to appear. Really glad I tried 30 minutes listening, and it felt good at the end to be honest. Made me feel that I’ll get there eventually.


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I am thinking of starting the 6 month course how do you find it? I don’t think I have ever listened to a welsh speaking radio before so that’s a really good task!!



@Smarian: It’s very good, but know from the start that you do have to commit a lot of time to it:
Two half-hour lessons a week for 6 months, for starters. I’d already been doing lessons long before I started the 6-month course, so I was used to it, but you should know what you’re signing up to!
Composing short stories in Welsh and recording them, rather early on in the course. This was a big confidence booster.
Perhaps best of all, having to actually talk face-to-face with fellow learners, either physically or via a computer video/audio call.
The feeling of being with other fellow learners, that you simply don’t get by just doing the formal lessons alone (good as those lessons are).
Plus the other comments that I have made above.
I’m really enjoying it. Check it out carefully before making a commitment: we are all different. Best of luck with whatever you choose!


Hello! I am not sure how to post on forum but this is really a question for Aran but is on this subject. I have just watched the video on what the 6 month course is about and think it suggests that if you have completed level 1 challenge that you may want to wait for a new course - Jump in at the Deep End?

I have nearly finished level 1 - I think it is amazing and I am so enthusiastic now that I want to get on to the next. I have already subscribed to the other levels but was going to go for the 6 month course as well - can’t do any harm I think!

So - should I get on and go for the 6 month or wait for the new one?

Diolch yn fawr!

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It’s such a tricky question to answer, Julie! The ‘Deep End’ is ready to go… but it will need you to have finished Level 2…

On the other hand, if you go for the 6 months, the first 3 months will just be adding some behaviour/practice patterns to the challenges you’ve already done, and it’s only really in the second half that you’ll get the key benefits…

One thing that might help… how long has it taken you to get to the end of Level 1? :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your message much appreciated!!! :slight_smile: This has definitely helped me have a bit more insight into what I am signing up for!!!Thank you!!


Thanks for speedy reply! It will have taken me about 3 -4 weeks - currently on challenge 10 . I aim to complete a challenge a day and have time and commitment! I have Welsh cousins to practice with :slightly_smiling_face: over the phone. I am really enjoying the challenges - though really hard they are working! Maybe I will keep going to end of Level 2 then do the The Deep End …

Thank you again for devising such a brilliant programme.


Thanks for your lovely words… :slight_smile:

I’d say if you’re rattling along at such a rate, you’ve clearly got all the motivation you need - the other stuff which you get in 6 months will also work (in a bit more of a ‘shock to the system’ kind of way) with the Deep End… so yes, go for it with Level 2, and sing out in here if you get stuck at any point… :slight_smile:

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For me, Radio Cymru has been a total game/life changer. Round about the same time I started the 6-month course, I started listening whenever I go to the gym or am driving (within reach of radio signal), and often while I do household chores or admin work. The 30-minute challenge for week 20 was already part of my routine for that reason. Either way, I cannot recommend it highly enough. I have gone from understanding the odd word to basically following what is going on most of the time (largely thanks to SSiW). I think it’s a really useful tool for learning how to listen for the “gist” rather than getting hung up about the bits you can’t understand, a skill I’ve found essential for communicating out in “the wild.”

And I’ve learned so many new words from listening to songs and getting curious about the lyrics. It’s also been great to discover all this new music - and I even heard my partner’s band on the radio once. Radio Cymru am byth :wink::hearts:


Thank you - I certainly will! I reckon I will be ready to sign up to The Deep End by end of September… I guess it will be on website then!


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