6 month course conversation practice problems!

Hi all! I’m not q quite sure how to find my way around the forum really so apologies if this is the wrong place to post this. Despite my enormous fear of doing so I have, until last week (week 20 of the six month course) practiced my Welsh speaking as required with my lovely 22 year old next door neighbour who is a Welsh speaker and very happy to help. However when it comes to the conversation I can see the whole thing makes him feel a bit awkward and I suspect the problem is that at this stage I really need to be practising conversations of specific lengths with someone who is also on the course at about the same place rather than with a native speaker who has a variety of different ways of saying the same things. This week for the first time he wasn’t available to help me with my speaking practice and I don’t want to overburden him - I have a pretty good idea of how the conversation practice might build over the next few weeks!

Is anyone else out there finding it tricky to talk to native speakers who just don’t quite “click” with the way it needs to work with the timed conversations? Might there be anyone out there who’s in the same week and might consider some FaceTime/hangout/Skype/slack conversations for this bit of the course?

I feel quite disappointed in myself for missing a bit of the work last week and it would be all too easy for me to get stuck on this and skip all the conversation practices for the rest of the course. Any advice or help gratefully appreciated! X

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Hi Rebecca - yes, the forum takes a bit of navigation, but anywhere is the right place for help and encouragement!

It’s great that you’ve got a Welsh speaker to practise with and although it might not feel like it at the moment, the fact they do use different ways of saying things, that’s actually a huge bonus for you because you will pick up so much more!

If you’re on the 6 month course then you’ll have access to the 6/6 group on Slack which is a great place for having conversations with people of all levels but in case you don’t know about it yet, there is also the WSP group (Welsh Speaking Practise) on Slack where, again, there are loads of people happy to chat and help you out :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the useful pointers Siaron! Xx