6 minutes or 6 months -course level challenges?

I can see course content for level 1 (2 and 3) challenges and only Level 1 up to challenge 15 is free. Does the £10 pm cost (6 minute a day welsh speaker) open up the others and if so what does the 6 month welsh speaker supply differently in its course.
Hopefully I have explained my query

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Hi David - the main differences between 6 min and 6 month are here: www.saysomethingin.com/welsh/structured-courses (although you might need to be logged out to see that). Both 6 min and 6 month open up to the end of Level 2, and then you just need to carry on with a standard sub (same cost as 6 min) to access Level 3… :slight_smile:

Hi David,
Your question has been answered by Aran. However I would add that whichever course you choose depends on how quickly you want to be able to speak Welsh. You can always start with the 6 minute a day course and if you find it too slow going, you can switch onto the 6 month course.

But if time allows and you want to speak Welsh sooner rather than later, go for the 6 month course. it doesn’t have to be completed in 6 months if you need a break, or you can revert back to the 6 minute course. The whole thing is very flexible.

Hope that helps.


Hello, I have been doing the free Level one challenges and wish to continue to the paid course. There used to be 2 methods, the 6 month and 6 minutes a day courses. It now seems that the 6 month course is no longer being offered(although still advertised in Youtube it links to the 6 minute a day course) Is this the case? Hopefully this is posted in the correct section (just searched 6 months and it came up). Been a member in the forum for a few months and not seen anything about this. Diolch

Mmm, strange, I noticed the same thing. Will be interested to see if the 6 month course has disappeared, or if it’s just a website glitch. We’ll wait and see …

…hmm I’m just going to tag @Deborah-SSi here to check whether this is a known issue - I can’t see it either…

Rich :slight_smile:

The 6 Month course isn’t currently being offered, only the 6 Minutes a Day one, so what you’ve found is correct. It’s always possible to work ahead in the challenges though through the website.


Oh. Maybe too many people wanting to do intensive Welsh under lockdown!?

Thank you. Will the 6 month course come back? If so, any idea when? I suppose one could enrol for 6 minute course and then transfer later?

I don’t know what the plans are for the 6 Month course at the moment, but you can work ahead as much as you like in the challenges through the website, or through the Android or iOS app if you use one of those.

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Thanks. I’ve signed up for the 6 minute course. Excited!