2019 Tresaith Bwtcamp May 11-18 : Sold Out!

Hmmmm! Very tempting!

Still interested too diolch

Dw i eisiau mynd i’r Bwtcamp. Gobeithio bydda i’n cofrestru mewn pryd.

Yes, please, interested

Will there be more info about price etc before 18th?

You should find all pertinent information in the other Bwtcamp thread which was linked to at the top of this thread. Here: Bwtcamps 2019

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Thanks for picking up on this. Yes I did read all that but it refers specifically to Tresaith and I think this one in May is in Caerleon. Which I guess may mean other changes. I don’t know I may have this totally wrong as I have found my severe limitations in trying to use all the different software - slack/ hangouts /forum /youtube eg feedback problem//soundcloud /audiocloud /skype and easily get lost in forum threads. I’d be grateful if you let me know either way - as you seem to understand and willing to lend a helping voice.

Ah, I see where the misunderstanding comes from. There will be two Bootcamps within a few weeks of one another. This thread here is about the Bootcamp running from May 11 to May 19 in Tresaith (and the linked thread has more info about the bootcamps in Tresaith)

The other bootcamp will happen after the SSiW Birthday party, the week after May 30th – and this one will be in Caernarfon. This one is different, as this one is less formalised. Most importantly the one in Caernarfon is open to everyone, and there is a thread dedicated to this bootcamp, where you can express interest, and whether you want to book your own accomodation or if you want Aran to help with that. I’m on my phone now, I’ll see if I can dig up the link.
Here you go: Free(ish) Bootcamp - after the 10th birthday party - who’s coming?
Free(ish) Bootcamp questions

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Great thanks. Gottit - I don’t know where Caerleon came from but I do have to book an eye test this month!

I’m not going to try for this because I wouldn’t want to deny anyone this incredible experience, but were you to need an extra person I would be happy to help.


Definitely interested

Heads up everyone - we are opening in 46 minutes (if my clock is right), at 9pm tonight at https://bookwhen.com/ssiw (If you’re worried that the event has disappeared from the schedule - it’s ok - I’m just adjusting somethings. It’ll be back at 9!)

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I see that there are now only 9 places available. I thought it was 10.

I just took a look at the booking page. On top right it says ‘Log In’
Do we have to log in to book?

The reason for asking is that tried logging in with this link several times but keep getting a message that my email address is not recognised, even though I am a member, and use SSIW several times a day on the forum and my 6 month course.

I then checked my always logged in address which is correct.
Is this because we won’t be able to log in until 21:00?
I am concerned that if it sells out within 5 minutes, I will still be trying to log in!
In fact SSIW has both my e-mail addresses but this particular page recognises neither?

Getting the same thing here annmoore, I have been signed in, then suddenly I AM NOT. Like you I do not want to have to waste time signing in when I thought I already was IN.

Oh, it’s not just me then. I am hoping we don’t have to log in to book?

anne and spj - have you managed to book?

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Yes Iestyn I got in by refreshing the page every few seconds, but WOW, was sold out within 3-4 minutes.

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Yes thank you. Yay!!!

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Yes - I was called away for putting-children-to-bed duties, and came back at 9 to make sure the booking did open (this is a new version of BookWhen, so I’m not yet absolutely 100% that it does what I think it will.)

When I saw your posts, I was worried, but you both got in so I can breathe a sigh of relief.

Huge apologies to anyone that didn’t get a place this time. Make sure you let me know with a comment below in case anyone has to drop out.

And I shall get on to getting an email with information to you next week. You should all have received a confirmation from Bookwhen that your booking was successful - again let me know below if you’re not sure, and I can check and confirm.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

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