2017 bootcamps

My first post!

I am currently studying a Cwrs Mynediad 1 and 2, at Cardiff University (1 day per month) and also combining this with SSI Welsh. I would be interested to attend a bootcamp in the summer of 2017. I cannot find any booking information for this year? What dates are offered and what availability?

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Helo a croeso ar y fforwm.

For now only July bootcamp is still available while June will not run and April is sold out already (I believe)

For July Bootcamp you can find all information here where you can put yourself on the list until booking is opened also.

For info on bootcamps in general (which most of all rules for every bootcamp in the year) you can find everything you need here.

You can also read all info in general in FQ section of the learning site here.

I hope it helps.

Happy learning and “bootcamping”.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Croeso, @Chrisjdavies - welcome to the forum.

As tatjana has helpfully pointed you to the relevant thread, there’s not much else for me to say, except - it would be great to see you opn a boocamp!


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