2016 Eisteddfod House Share Poll - please answer

A discussion has started in another thread regarding the possibility of a group of SSiW learners sharing a self catering house close to the 2016 National Eisteddfod in Abergavenny.

To get the ball rolling we need to assess who may be definitely interested in getting involved so we can start talking numbers.

Please view and answers our poll by clicking on the following link. Diolch yn fawr iawn!



Here is the original discussion thread…


I would be interested in a house share - mini bootcamp for the 2016 Eistedfodd, and with luck my Welsh will be much improved by then, and I will have the confidence to try out what I am learning.

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My wife and I expect to be there for the 2016 event, but it’s unlikely we’d be there the entire week. There are just too many other places in Wales that we want to visit to spend that much of the time we have in one spot. We will be looking for some place in that area to stay for a day or two though. I’ve downloaded the accommodations list from the Eisteddfod web site, but if anyone has other suggestions, I’d be grateful.

Hi Catrin,

I see that 45 people clicked on the Doodle link at the top, and in another thread there has been a question about sharing a house. Has anything come of this at all?


Hi Dee!

No, I don’t think anyone took the bait and went on to arrange anything. I’ve enquired on the other thread, but despite early interest, I don’t think anyone bit the bullet and booked. It worked well a few years ago, interest was raised on the forum and a few learners went ahead and booked with great results in mini Bootcamp style! Maybe next year!