1000 common words

Found a list of common words on the internet. Have put into alphabetocal order.

Some translations a little off i think but maybe useful for people.


First word is wrong, I’m afraid. There’s no ‘a’ in Welsh.

It’s not perfect - it’s a start point - found it on the internet - haven’t edited it

There is no translation - it’s blank

Oh I edited it - I hadn’t really checked it - just thought when I saw it it might proves useful - I’ve since found a list of common words from Bangor University and added them.

Its not meant to be a serious tool - just a handy list of possible common words - I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere that in many languages most people actually use very few words in everyday life.


Diolch yn fawr iawn, Peter. That’s very useful, I think. I’ll work my way through the list to find words I might need in upcoming conversations (hopefully) and learn them. Whenever I imagine conversations - or talk to my fridge, just for practice purposes :wink: - I find that there are so many words and phrases I do not know in Welsh; but I never have a pencil ready to write them down and look them up afterwards or I forget which words I didn’t know. Well done! Da iawn.
(I’ll make sure to check with a dictionary if there are doubts.)
Hwyl am a tro,

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Well its just meant to be a guide - nothing serious - I’ve seen so many people say if you know only a few hundred words you can get by in many siuations - and then no-one could tell me what those words were!!! So when I found this I thought I’d share it - I know its not perfect but I am really enjoying learning - six weeks today I think and enjoying it immensely - am finding doing the old course 2 after doing levels 1 and 2 to be very useful. :slight_smile:

It’s certainly a useful list of words.
I’m worried about the translations (done by a machine?), though. On default view of the list, for example, of the 17 English words visible a surprising number have multiple meanings which can’t be translated out of context to a single Welsh word. To pick one at random, age can be the number of years for which someone or something has existed or an historical or geological period of time. In Welsh, the former is oedran (as in the list) but the latter is oes. It’s also a verb, but I won’t go into that!
Ironically, of course, going the other way, oes itself can be translated into two entirely different English words, age or (there) is. :wink:

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I think I’ll stick with three Geiriaduron programs and 1 book!

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Well if anyone wants access so they can edit all you have to do is pm me with your google sign in email address and I will.

In any language words can have mutiple meaning.

Lets take age in English - it can meant your age - it can mean to age - it can be an age like an era - it can be a long period of time so of course no list is ever going to suffice - it was meant merely as a means of helping people - someone posted something on a facebook welsh learners group and I then found this.

If we get it wrong so what - at least we are trying - and how many of us have pciked up a dictionary and used the wrong word?

Yes please Peter, email it through. abcgoss@gmail.com and thanks for taking the trouble. Alan

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Sorted :slight_smile: